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Nature of the Sun is written by Sebastiaan van der Meulen and has been published February 25th 2015.

Final version:
July 22nd 2024.

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Nature of the Sun contains 682 pages in PDF format containing approx 558,000 words and two and a half million characters counted and eleven books written by S.F. van der Meulen and a copy of the Revelation of Jesus Christ written by John.

ISBN: 9789082072952

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Within the eBook Nature of the Sun is a new and true cosmology model! And the explanation of the human brain! As well as the explanation of the Revelation book and much more. Download for FREE.

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Hello there and welcome to my humble website. My name is Sebastiaan van der Meulen and I have something important to share with you. I have discovered how cosmology really works and how the human brain works. With this knowledge, I created a free science eBook that explains how heaven works and how the human brain works, including all human instinctual feelings in their logical and root instructions. And I explain the book the Revelation of Jesus Christ, written by John. These things are surprisingly easy to understand and require no mathematics.

Nature of the Sun book description:

Humans think in the form of shapes and motion, and that is exactly how to perceive particles and their nature in heaven. Heaven is not a mathematical equation; I write no numbers or calculations but practical and logical explanations of the cosmology of heaven. The cosmology model is so simple and accurate, it has to be true. Like with Occam's razor. The lesser assumptions the more likely it is true, and I explain how heaven formed from nothing thus zero assumptions which is a perfect Occam's razor. Though God made the atoms and stars of heaven, but heaven its essence formed by itself. And the cosmology model uses a simple sphere created by an infinite that explains how heaven works. Read Nature of the Sun and find out how to apprehend infinities. It's easy to apprehend once you know the trick. All phenomena in cosmology are explained using only three dimensions.

Amongst phenomena explained in cosmology are:

  • Particles.
  • Atoms.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Crystal formation.
  • How chemistry works.
  • Chemistry with ice, gas, metals, and fire.
  • How an atomic bomb explodes.
  • Stars, planets and continental drift.
  • Why the earth rotates, orbits and has seasons.
  • Magnetic poles.
  • How radio waves emit in radius.
  • Gravity particles.
  • What black holes really are.
  • Quasars.
  • Why the speed of light is constant.
  • The anti-particle phenomena.
  • Pressure.
  • Electricity and how a light bulb emits light.
  • The atmosphere and the aurora borealis.
  • How the sunrise glows red.
  • The secret of how to make matter like gold out of thin air!
  • And much more!

  • The eBook Nature of the Sun also contains an accurate model of the human brain and the instinctual feelings that create human psychology. Humans formed to behave as equals, though humans also have the ability to behave with inequality. Beasts do not have a feeling for equality and always behave with inequality as they struggle for their dominance to place themselves above another beast. The difference between humans and beasts is equality and inequality in behavior, and inequality makes one place itself above another. With the model of the human brain I intend to teach humans to be human again and not create rich and poor or male and female inequality as all humans are equal. Inequality has been the cause for wars and murder and all conflict on earth. Beasts fight for dominance, while humans in equality burden for leadership.

    Like it's done in a human tribe in wild nature. The one that burdens the most and shares the most earnings equally across the tribe is the most loved one and such is a natural human leader. So in inequality fighting leads and in equality the opposite leads which is love. I believe one day all humans will live in equality as it is supposed to be and this will create happiness and prosperity for all with strong leaders that burden and give love instead of fight and take.

    Revelation 4:11 Worthy art thou, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for thou didst create all things, and by thy will they existed and were created.

    Revelation 10:5-7 And the angel whom I saw standing on sea and land lifted up his right hand to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and what is in it, the earth and what is in it, and the sea and what is in it, that there should be no more delay, but that in the days of the trumpet call to be sounded by the seventh angel, the mystery of God, as he announced to his servants the prophets, should be fulfilled.

    God is real and exists, as God created all the galaxies of heaven at once. If there is no God creating the galaxies, then galaxies have to form naturally and be born. And if galaxies form naturally, then there should be picture evidence of them still being born today. There would be no reason why galaxies would stop forming today. But there is no evidence of galaxies being born, as God created all galaxies at once long ago. And if there was some gimmick to heaven that created the galaxies, like warmth creating atoms, then there would be only one single giant galaxy, which isn't the case. As warmth radiates in distance and becomes less present the further away, so then one giant galaxy should form, with most stars at its center and fewer at a distance. But instead, the galaxies are spread out far and no new ones are forming between them, which should be happening if galaxies form naturally.

    And the new cosmology model explains heaven exactly, and I can assure you that warmth doesn't create atoms. Also, recent astronomy observations of the early heaven show galaxies were fully formed early in time, which should not happen if they form naturally, but they do if they were created. The eBook Nature of the Sun explains heaven and particles based on infinities, which cannot be calculated. The depth of space is endless and cannot be calculated. God is real.

    Nature of the Sun has eleven books written within and explains more than the human brain and cosmology. It explains the real psychology of personality disorders and also genetics from a cosmological point of view and what really happened instead of evolution. God created us, and we didn't come from apes, though we went through a journey too. When I discovered how the human brain and cosmology worked, all the answers to unknown things became clear.

    Genetics is explained. Genetics uses a cosmological trick that God calls holy. Basically, the genes pull onto bodily cells to make them grow in a specific way on the body at the right location to turn them into the right kind of cell, whether it be a bone or a flesh cell. The genes create sort of a combined, merged pull across the body using their instructions, pulling all cells the way they need to be based on the genes their instructions, and this genetic pull stays the same across bodily growth from young to old, so the body remains the same shape. Most cells have chromosomes in them with genetic instructions in them, also called DNA, and the pull of all chromosomes across the body creates a merged pull across the whole body with the right genetic instructions at the right place of the body, so in the head grow brain cells and at the outer edge of the body skin cells grow.

    The holy pull also causes chromosomes to duplicate themselves during cell division as they pull the genetic instructions into the cell that is splitting off. Geneticists think a DNA double helix splits in half and rebuilds itself into two chromosomes, but there is a much easier trick at play that dublicates chromosomes. Geneticists have never properly understood this because they don't know the real cosmology, and nature does what cosmology allows. Genetics can only be explained by cosmology, which uses a cosmological trick never known before.

    Humans have several instincts that create behavior. They guide us to a proper personality growth and if one of these instincts isn't properly functioning it causes for a specific personality disorder based on the instinct its instructions. And if a person is introvert or extravert, this also causes for different behaviors. A.D.H.D. is extravert while A.D.D. is introvert based on the same instinct. And the sad truth of personality disorders is that there is nothing wrong with these people at all. Demons cause personality disorders. They will feed a false instinctual feeling from birth to a person to make its personality grow bend across life. Personality disorders like psychopathy, narcissism, sociopathy, phobias, borderline etcetera are all demon attacks and the world doesn't know this.

    The world is massively being attacked while the professionals act as if there is something wrong with peoples brains. Demons do this because they don't like honest people, which are the ones they attack in hopes they become false too and otherwise simply to ruin their lives, as demons are false. And demons do not like equality, which is always honest. Demons are selfish, and the contraction of selfishness is sin. Selfishness is inequality and the opposite of equality. Demons want us to be slaves while God treats us as equals and God lets the love lead.

    Nature of the Sun explains the book, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. God and angels are explained, and there are good angels and demon angels. God means equality and God will make humanity live as equals as a brotherhood of men and women across the whole world, the way we were always supposed to live. And you will learn the full proof that you live beyond earthly death and become an angel. As in a science fact. We can live with God forever. Demons have been fighting us for a long time dividing us and time is coming for us to fight back together with God!

    And it is important to know that God never made religion, and there are thousands of them out there. God only created the Revelation book, which is a prophecy book; it says so on the first page. All God wants us to do is live honestly and lovingly, and those that do will join him in heaven forever. It's just that the world has been made selfish by demons, and the tribulation written in the Revelation will force those acting to be our leaders and the false ones to release their grip on us so we can all live as equals as we were supposed to be. Equality is God's kingdom, as God would never want you as his slave. That's no way to live forever as humans. Slavery is Satan's way.

    And I know this all seems a bit incredible for some stranger you never heard of to have discovered this all by himself. And it is difficult to bring it to the attention of physicists and cosmologists as they believe in mathematical explanations of heaven while heaven works far more simple than they have ever imagined. Heaven would never be overcomplicated. My cosmology uses infinities, which cannot be calculated. And what else would heaven be made of than infinities? Heaven has endless depth and infinities are perfect and so is heaven. I spend eleven years discovering the most awesome knowledge to date. I did it step by step building and logically, narrowing things down into their most simple and basic deduction, and then tunneling the knowledge into its complete explanation. And now you can learn it too step by step and once you have read the whole book you will know exactly how the human brain works and how cosmology really works, and it's easier than you may think. And the knowledge of the human brain and cosmology allowed me to explain the book the Revelation written by John. There are questions in the Revelation book written two thousand years ago that are fully understood once you know how the human brain and the true cosmology work. So please take a look and open your eyes to a new reality!

    The ten horns of the first beast are listed here. These ten horns are ten lands from the Islamic military alliance, which follow Satan's main religion.

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