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Nature of the Sun is written by Sebastiaan van der Meulen and has been published February 25th 2015.

Finished version:
June 20th, 2022.

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Nature of the Sun contains 650 pages in PDF format containing approx 532,000 words and over two point four million characters without spaces counted and eleven books written by S.F. van der Meulen and a copy of the Revelation of Jesus Christ written by John.

ISBN: 9789082072952

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Nature of the Sun is available for download.
Within a new and complete cosmology book. The explanation of the human brain. The explanation of the Revelation. Download for FREE.

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Nature of the Sun book description:

The book Nature of the Sun explains the truth. I figured out how heaven works and I figured out how the human brain works. I spend nine years on this to get everything right. And once I figured it out and looked at the Revelation book in the bible I saw that the description of the city New Jerusalem is a blue print of an angel brain cell. Which proves that the Revelation book created 2000 years ago is true and also proves that my cosmology on heaven and my brain model are true as you need to know these to understand the city New Jerusalem thus the angel brain cell. This is really important and I would like you to read the book Nature of the Sun so you can learn the truth! You don't have to pay anything for the book as it's free always. And the knowledge of the cosmology of heaven explains what holy is. It's angel technology. Please take a look this must become known! The cosmology on heaven and the human brain take no mathematics. Anyone can learn it.

Within the book is a complete cosmology model and a complete brain model of the human brain that also explains all spiritual feelings. Also the book Nature of the Sun will explain what is to come soon. There will be a struggle between good and evil. Right and wrong. Loving and unloving. Equality and selfishness. I have explained the book the Revelation and many more things that will have you see the truth. Most of the believes in today's world are wrong. This book will explain step by step and in logic how to understand some of the most important things in life and how humans will live forever as angels. Nature of the Sun opens your eyes to the truth that has been hidden so give it a try you will love the truth.

Humans think in the form of shapes and motion and that is exactly how to perceive particles and their nature in heaven. Heaven is no mathematical equation, I write no numbers or calculations but practical and logical explanations of the cosmology of heaven. Read Nature of the Sun and find out how to apprehend infinites. It's easy to apprehend once you know the trick.

Here's a short explanation of how heaven works. There is a trick nobody had thought of before. People say you can't create something from nothing. If there is nothing then there really is nothing. But that's the trick! You have to see it in reverse. If there is nothing then you don't have blockage. Nothing cannot block anything and this causes infinites to form. If there is no blockage you get the infinite large, small, still and fast. The infinite large forms into a perfect sphere as something that is infinite large has to have endless detail to its shape. This can only be done with a perfect sphere as a cube has only six sides so six details so any flatness on a perfect sphere would cause for lesser details than infinite.

From within the infinite large sphere is endless and borderless room but outside an infinite large perfect sphere it always shapes up into a perfect sphere inside our heaven. Next to an infinite large sphere will form another infinite large sphere as there is no blockage in nothing. One would argue that an infinite large sphere would take up all room by itself but there still is no border to anything so infinite large spheres form next to each other as this cannot be blocked no matter how large an infinite large sphere is. And so an infinite large sphere has an inside and an outside. The spheres are the particles of heaven and so heaven is filled with an infinite number of spheres as there is no blocklage. Heaven never ends! And because they are infinite large spheres they expand with infinite strength all equally but their expansion is blocked by other infinite large spheres. So they all press upon each other because they expand. And as they press upon each other and because they have no flatness on their surface as they are perfect spheres they are spinning in the direction of the least resistance. This is the fabric of space.

If you place friction upon an infinite large sphere you can shrink it. Like rubbing your hands and it will shrink some of these spheres which will let other spheres expand in their place. This makes it so that friction between the spheres causes shrinking and enlarging of them. The larger the sphere is the different particle it is. The first enlargement is warmth and you will feel it when rubbing your hands. When it expands larger it becomes light. Larger it becomes ultra violet, x-ray and gamma ray. Larger electron. And larger it becomes the spheres that make atoms. And the cosmology I explain tells how atoms their spheres stick together to form into atoms and how they chemically interact without needing math. And I explain why large particles travel in a straight path. I hope you will take a look at the book Nature of the Sun. I explain all phenomena of heaven in logic. It's so simple that once you read it you will know it's true and the cosmology has a perfect Occam's razor as it creates heaven from nothing. Zero assumptions.

The ebook Nature of the Sun also contains an accurate model of the human brain and the instinctual feelings that create human psychology. Humans formed to behave as equals though humans also have the ability to behave with inequality. Beasts do not have a feeling for equality and behave with inequality as they struggle for their dominance to place themselves above another beast. The difference between humans and beasts is equality and inequality in behavior and inequality makes one place itself above another. With the model of the human brain I intend to learn humans to be human again and not create rich and poor or male and female inequality as all humans are equal. Inequality has been the cause for wars and murder and all conflict on earth. Beasts fight for dominance while humans in equality burden for leadership.

Like it's done in a human tribe in wild nature. The one that burdens the most and shares the most earnings equally across the tribe is the most loved one and this is a natural human leader. So in inequality fighting leads and in equality the opposite leads which is love. I believe one day all humans will live in equality as it is supposed to be and this will create happiness and prosperity for all with strong leaders that burden and give love instead of fight and take.

Nature of the Sun explains the book the Revelation of Jesus Christ. God and angels are explained and there are good angels and demon angels. Demon angels have been fighting us for a long time and time is comming for us to fight back together with God!

The ten horns of the first beast are listed here. These ten horns are ten lands from the Islamic military alliance.

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